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© 2019 Claire Hill. 

I always want to remind my customers that my commissioned work means the world to me. If one particular piece reminds you of a memory or a photo you happened to take once upon a time then we can work together to try and create a piece that feels personalized and customized to your taste and interior decorating needs. If there is a space in your house that you need filled and particular colors that you are working with we can discuss options, sizes and subjects and come up with something that thrills the both of us. Granted- what you see is what you get. My style might not be for everyone but if you know you are a fan of my work and would like me to help you with a one of a kind piece then I would be absolutely delighted. Please do not hesitate to ask!


If you are interested in a certain painting or commissioning a one of a kind piece, please contact claire for more information and availabilty.