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If you've never commissioned a painting before, it can seem like an intimidating and unfamiliar process. So hopefully this will help to ease your mind and give you a hint of how the process works. 

The most important factor when commissioning me: Make sure that I am the artist for you. Sure I can paint anything ;) but the work that I am putting out into the world must first and foremost reflect my style. So if you aren't keen on the work that you see on my website, I might not be the artist for you!


Some clients have a particular photo, place, or person in mind even before we begin working together.  Whether you have something to work with or not—a landscape, still life, florals, etc. I will work with you to achieve a one of a kind, stylized piece of art that reflects me and my style as an artist and your taste and desired finished product. Together, we can create a piece that is unique and customized to you and your home. 


If you do not have a specific moment to capture, but rather an idea or feeling, we can set-up a consultation where I will talk you through the possibilities in terms of subject, size, color, etc. I have clients who were struggling to fill a place in their home and only knew their color palette or feeling they wanted to evoke. Together, we worked to incorporate their input with my style and create something that we were both excited for and proud of.

If you want to go ahead and get the process started and you already have some ideas or photographs in mind, go ahead and send them my way along with any specifics you might already have in mind (size, medium, etc). 



"I’ve commissioned Claire twice and am convinced I have her two best paintings. I think the most important thing about working with Claire is outlining your vision with her and then letting her run with it. Each time I’ve given her a picture or idea and said, “I want something like this,” I’ve trusted her talent to bring our idea to life on the canvas. Trusting in her artistic sense instead of me trying to paint vicariously through her by way of my own input is the reason the paintings turned out so well. Each time I’ve placed my faith in her that faith has been handsomely rewarded.  Another great thing about working with Claire is that she is a professional and understands the business side— I’ve always had my paintings completed on or before the timetables we set. She’s communicative throughout the process and follows through on her commitments. I would encourage anyone considering commissioning Claire to do what I do— establish your guidelines, then let the artist work."

Dan Sheehan

RVA Cityscape

"I am lucky to have had the opportunity to commission a few different pieces from Claire. They range in style from landscapes to abstracted skyscapes to her beautiful home sketches. Claire has the ability to take my vision and create personal works of art. Her style is unique, and her range is incredibly extensive.


Working with her on each commission was easy from start to finish. Claire has a naturally laid-back demeanor but a very professional approach to her art. She wants her pieces to reflect the client but always stays true to her style."

Sarah Holzbach

"I commissioned two pieces of art from Claire for my dining room. I had a color palette to work with and a size but otherwise was clueless to what I wanted. She was wonderfully easy to work with and listened to everything I cared about while also taking artistic license to create two pieces that are perfect for the space. She is great with coming into an already designed. Room and creating. A unique piece of art that fits the area perfectly."  

Jane Vick

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